Kong: Skull Island

The story happened in the 1970s, NASA launched a satellite to explore earth’s resource and environment, as a result, they stumbled on a mysterious island, the island is located in the South Pacific


After many years, the mutants gradually reduce, while Logan who is daily drinking, his healing ability is gradually disappeared. After a little girl named Laura appears, Logan’s quiet life is broken

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The human world has been devouring by the zombie army, the hope of surviving for human will be dashed. Alice as one of the few survivors , in order to save mankind, she must return to the place of

Suicide Squad

In the film suicide squad are formed in prison , they are some super criminals who have great talent, they specifically do something extremely dangerous actions for the government, ordinary people

Sausage Party

The sausages in the supermarket only have one wish, and it was that they hope someone would buy them. One day, a lady came to the supermarket, and sausages was written on her menu, so the lady

War Dogs

David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli unexpectly get an arm contract that is value of three hundred million dollars, but the arm contract of three hundred million dollars brings fatal disaster for them

Kubo and the Two Strings

The story happened in a small village of ancient Japan, the hero of the story named Kubo, he has only one eye, and lives alone with his mother. Kubo makes a living at telling magic stories in the village

The Martian

The movie tells the story of American astronauts landing on Mars,unfortunately,they encounter sand storm,Mark loses contact with astronauts crew,but he becomes the first person of human to land on

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