The Whale

This story is about a middle-aged man named Charlie, who became obese due to long-term overeating. Charlie is very difficult to walk. If it continues at this rate, Charlie is likely to die of diseases caused

The Last of Us

In this world full of viruses, people struggle for survival. However, food is the condition for survival. The shortage of food has brought a lot of deaths to human beings. Joel and his daughter must find

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: First Kiss wa Owaranai

This is a love animation film from Japan, which tells the story of two young people. They met at school. They started from strangers, then went through a long period of secret love for each other, and

Family Guy (2022)

This is a cartoon from the United States, which has won many awards and is very popular with the audience. Since 1999, it has broadcasted 21 seasons in total, and each season has been praised by the


The story revolves around two children. In the middle of the night, two children suddenly woke up and found that something strange had happened in this room. They were in a room without doors and


This is a youth TV series created by HBO. It starts on June 16, 2019, with two seasons and eight episodes in each season. The story is about the very bad life of a group of young people. Zendaya plays rue

Case 39

“Case 39″ is suspense,horror and thriller.Social family work Emily Jenkins doing the work, the immense drab, processing of their children education problems, results of a larger than complain. Originally

Dinner for Schmucks

Comedy “Dinner for Schmucks” adapted from the 1998 French film “Dinner Game.” British actor starred in the original film, because of his schedule problem, we replaced Paul Luo Lude and Steve · card Riel

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