Case 39

“Case 39″ is suspense,horror and thriller.Social family work Emily Jenkins doing the work, the immense drab, processing of their children education problems, results of a larger than complain. Originally

Soul Kitchen

The movie tells that Zinos is a cooker, his whole heart operation of dining room kitchen “soul” beloved girlfriend in Shanghai, everything away to the tone. Hurry, the decision will be assured him trust


The movie adapts from the true story.The movie tells that according to a high school dropout, no work, and two children of single no survey mothers Betty Anne walters in 1983 watched with murder and

Harry Potter

Harry Porter is an orphan, he lives with his aunt, but he is not happy at all, because he suffers discrimination and bullying in his aunt’s home. But in his eleven-year-old birthday, he received a admission

Kong: Skull Island

The story happened in the 1970s, NASA launched a satellite to explore earth’s resource and environment, as a result, they stumbled on a mysterious island, the island is located in the South Pacific


After many years, the mutants gradually reduce, while Logan who is daily drinking, his healing ability is gradually disappeared. After a little girl named Laura appears, Logan’s quiet life is broken

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The human world has been devouring by the zombie army, the hope of surviving for human will be dashed. Alice as one of the few survivors , in order to save mankind, she must return to the place of

Dracula Untold

Turks want to destroy the country led by Vlad Tepes, it is a small country and couldn’t defeat turks. In order to save his families and fellow citizens, Vlad Tepes has to find a man that can give him the

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