Making Plans for Lena

Making Plans for Lena

Movie: Making Plans for Lena (2010)

Directed by:Christophe Honoré (II)
Starring: Marina Foïs (II), Donatien Suner
Language: English
Release Date:August 13th, 2010

Movie Synopsis: The movie tells that Lena said to her husband, he’ll divorce, with two children alone. During a trip to the bulietani holiday, Lena didn’t feel very well, more let her angry, very not easy to Brittany her parents, they found the country villa parents and sister took her ex-husband will also called, Jill. Lena feel cheated and insults, with strong rebel character from Lena child still wandering thoughts, between the villa, facing with the mother and the cruel reality, Lena will be how to go out, how to find out how the worry, happy…

She is so fragile self-confidence. About hope, about social justice, the spectre of order about family in mind hovered, don’t go to continue to make her life, to love and to think, to be her own.How she will do …

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