I Am Number Four

The movie is science fiction.”I Am Number Four” is the original cartoon series of 4 ,and the movie is the first part. The main actor John Smith is not common.The protagonist is 15 aliens, they are

Just Go With It (2011)

The movie is comedy.The movie mainly tell a love story.The movie is very romantic.The actors are good friends.The man had married before.BUt now they have diviced.So he was alone.He always make

Win Win (2011)

The movie is Drama and Sports.The movie mainly tells the story of Mike Flaherty.He is lawyer.And now he is also a teacher in the high shool.He teaches wrestling.Recently he is disheartened for

The Eagle (2011)

The movie is drama and adaptation.The movie is adapted from the novel of Rose Mary SuTe cliff. When he was young ,he was a man of Roman soldiers. He was very heroic , when he was very young has

Cracks (2011)

The movie is Foreign, Drama and Adaptation.The movie mainly tells the story of a group of students.They study in the boarding school.And the school is far from their homes.They nearly can go

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2011)

The movie is Foreign, Comedy and Drama.The movie tells the life of Uncle Boonmee’s previous and present.It is Thailand movie.At first Uncle Boonmee found himself suffering from acute renal

The Green Hornet (2011)

This movie is adapted by The Hornet Green. I believe that many people have seen this TV play. Britt Reid is the movie actor. He is running a company and owns a great deal of property, but his life not

The Dilemma

The movie is Comedy and Drama.The movie mainly tell the story of the two men.Ronny and Nick brought up from childhood and they are good friends . They don’t have secrets to the other. Their

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