Full House

The story is about a American TV presenter called Danny Tanner, his wife had an accident and died, leaving three daughters, one daughter is less than one year old, after that Danny Tanner takes

Pretty Little Liars Season 5

The pretty girls received a mysterious message signed “A”, and threatened to expose their secret, only the missing Alison knew the secret, the girls decided to find out the mysterious “A”. Ezra Fitz was

Sons Of Anarchy Season 7

At the beginning of this episode, in order to eliminate the misunderstanding with another gang in prison, Jax Teller punished an informer, two teeth of the informer were as a gift, expressing their

2 Broke Girls Season 4

Each section of 2 Broke Girls consists of several stories, it is comical and funny…… When the two sisters are counting money, a young man comes to their cake shop, and tells them: “I want all the money

How to Get Away with Murder Season 1

At the beginning of the story is about a few students involved in a murder plot, the dead is Annalise Keating’s husband, they don’t know how to handle the dead, they keep quarrelling, finally they decide

Reign Season 2

French has received the report, plague breaks out again, it has spread to their country. Mary has ordered to protect the palace, but it’s not what they imagine, a lot of people ouside palace have dead

Sleepy Hollow Season 2

Crane died in a war in 1781, 250 years later, when he wakes up, he finds that it is a strange world, he comes to the sleepy hollow. Franklin wants to ruin the key to purgatory, on a stormy night, Crane

Constantine Season 1

Liv’s father gave her a pendant, she inherited his father’s talent, when she touches the pendant, her talent is open, she can see the soul from another world. John Constantine is an exorcist, because of

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