Take Me Home Tonight (2011)

Take Me Home Tonight

Movie: Take Me Home Tonight

Directed by:Michael Dowse
Starring:Topher Grace, Anna Faris, Dan Fogler
Language: English
Release Date: March 4th, 2011

Movie Synopsis: The movie is Comedy and Drama.Recent MIT grad matt franklin should work of fortune 500 company and starting upward climb to mature. Instead, directionless 23-year-old confusing the family and friends by doing a part-time job behind the counter video store the financial center of oak Sherman. But matt’s silent protest mature to return, when he screeching halt high school crush, she Frederking, walk into the store.

When she invited him to an epic, party, matt think he could eventually have the opportunity to the girl of his dreams. With his cynical twin sister Wendy and best friend Barry, matt onto a once-in-a-lifetime evening.

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