This is a youth TV series created by HBO. It starts on June 16, 2019, with two seasons and eight episodes in each season. The story is about the very bad life of a group of young people. Zendaya plays rue

The Walking Dead Season 5

At the end of The Walking Dead Season 4,Rick ,his son and the other 2 companions find a signpost, it is pointing to Rescue Station , they follow the sign and come to the Rescue Station. When they come

American Horror Story Season 4

In the first section,the movie mainly tells two stories. The first story happened in 1952, a milkman came to Mrs.Tattler’s home, saw three bottles of milk at the door, he felt very strange, it seems the milk

Game of Thrones Season 4

win asks sword workers to build two swords, one for Jaime, another to a young king. After Jaime’s right hand is cut off, he goes through the hardest days and finally runs back. When he returns to the

Full House

The story is about a American TV presenter called Danny Tanner, his wife had an accident and died, leaving three daughters, one daughter is less than one year old, after that Danny Tanner takes

Pretty Little Liars Season 5

The pretty girls received a mysterious message signed “A”, and threatened to expose their secret, only the missing Alison knew the secret, the girls decided to find out the mysterious “A”. Ezra Fitz was

Sons Of Anarchy Season 7

At the beginning of this episode, in order to eliminate the misunderstanding with another gang in prison, Jax Teller punished an informer, two teeth of the informer were as a gift, expressing their

2 Broke Girls Season 4

Each section of 2 Broke Girls consists of several stories, it is comical and funny…… When the two sisters are counting money, a young man comes to their cake shop, and tells them: “I want all the money

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