The Hundred Season 2


Movie: The Hundred Season 2

Released: October 22, 2014
Director: Jason Rothenberg
Language: English
Starring: Robert Morley, Eliza Taylor-Cotter ……

Movie Synopsis: At the beginning of the story, Clarke was locked in a white room, she broke the windows in the doors, and then put her hand out of the window to open the door, and hijacked a hostage. When she and the hostage came together to the fifth floor ,they saw people eating a meal. When people saw Clarke, they were very panic and ran everywhere, because they knew that Clarke was isolated from the area, they were afraid that he might brought diseases. Just then the guards arrived and captured her. Clarke did not believe the people living here, she stole Maya’s key, when she decided to open the exit doors, in Jasper’s persuasion he gave up the escape plan.

Lincoln removed the arrow on the Octavia’s leg , he found it toxic and immediately looked for an antidote, but he was caught by the clansman as a traitor……

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