Sausage Party

Sausage Party

Movie: Sausage Party

Released: 12 August 2016
Director: Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon
Language: English
Starring: Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen

Movie Synopsis: The sausages in the supermarket only have one wish, and it was that they hope someone would buy them. One day, a lady came to the supermarket, and sausages was written on her menu, so the lady bought a lot of sausages,then the sausages were brought home, and the sausages were so happy.

When the sausages were brought home, they found that things are not so good as what they imagine it to be, what they have to face is to be swallowed, alive, stuffed, they were terrified, in order not to be eaten, the sausages formed a escape squad, and began their journey of escape……

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