High Lane

High Lane

Movie: High Lane (2010)

Directed by:Abel Ferry
Starring: Nicolas Giraudi, Johan Libereau, Fanny Valette
Language: English
Release Date:September 22nd, 2010

Movie Synopsis: The movie tells that a group of friends decided to a closed to the mountain climbing maintenance. They didn’t think there is more difficult to climb in the plan,they soon realized that their travel has become a nightmare. They listen to music in the car, wantonly enjoying happiness of youth. However, automobile tyre, they have to start hiking, toward the sacred climbing disrepair. Two lovers in a group photo with a single record at this moment, but the road ahead is not smooth, everywhere crisis.

They came to a canyon, both sides is showing off cliffs, this kind of lost feeling, let them depressed. no sigh up But, obviously more optimistic, the leader’s Anton he would try to use the method of climbing through the crisis, so others can also follow to, five, high in the sky.

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