Maleficent rises to be the most powerful protector of the kingdom, she has a pair of eagles wings, can fly against the wind, and fly into the beautiful clouds. Human is always so greedy, the king heard of


Engineer Joe and his colleagues find an unknown seismic wave, his wife (Sandra) has entered the Gai reactor, then the nuclear leakage occurred, in order to prevent further leakage, Joe himself closes

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

Sixty-five million years ago, the creators detonate many “Seeds”,they make the autobots after wiping out most life on Earth. Joshua and Harold cooperate to get the “seed” of creator, when they get the


In the world of Beatrice, people are divided into 5 factions: honest, friendly, knowledgeable, selfless, fearless. Beatrice was born in a selfless family, all of 16 years old people must choose their own

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Shield ship was hijacked by pirates, and demanded ransom. Steve and his team mates rescued them by moonlight. In the rescue time,an agent called Natasha copied the data of the Shield ship, and

X-Men Days of Future Past

Dr.Bolivar Trask secretly carries out the experiment on mutants, and puts forward the “sentinel program”, all this is found by mutant called Mystique, and she killed Dr.Bolivar Trask, at the same time

Brotherhood (2011)

The movie is Drama.The movie mainly tell the story of College freshman Adam buckley.One day he was walking on the street.Suddenly he faced some persons,and he was blindfolded to sit behind the

The Tree of Life (2011)

“The Tree of Life” is Adventure, Drama and Science Fiction.Story about the growth in the Midwestern United States 11 teenager jack’s growth changes in order to 1950s, a had three children of American

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