Arrow Season 3

Arrow Season 3

Movie: Arrow Season 3

Released: October 08, 2014
Director: David Nutter
Language: English
Starring: Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy

Movie Synopsis: Oliver initiatively invites Felicity to date, but this is a bad date. When they sat down and just chatted for a while, Oliver found someone outside the window launching rockets to them, Oliver quickly put Felicity in his arms to lie on the ground. when Oliver woke up ,he found the police had been at the scene of the explosion, in order to avoid the police’s questioning, Oliver picked up Felicity who hadn’t wake up and left the scene. Later, Oliver found he was installed tracker, it appears somebody wanted to get rid of him.

When Sara met her sister, she was killed by a mysterious killer, dropped from the top of the building. Oliver and his sister were looking for the murderer everywhere, when they found the murderer ,they realized the man was not the murderer who killed Sara , because the murderer was someone else……

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