In the future of the earth sand exist everywhere, crops wither and extinction, climate and environment is deteriorating rapidly, food and water are serious shortage, the famine is so bad, humans are


The story happened in 1945 when World War II was drawing to a close, as the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, wiping recalcitrant enemies out. Wardaddy is a battle-hardened army

Dracula Untold

Turks want to destroy the country led by Vlad Tepes, it is a small country and couldn’t defeat turks. In order to save his families and fellow citizens, Vlad Tepes has to find a man that can give him the

Gone Girl

Nick and Amy are a couple very much in love, they have been married for five years, their life has been very sweet. However, on the day of fifth anniversary of marriage, Amy suddenly disappeared. Nick


The story begins with a doll, the host took the doll home and gave it to his wife as a gift, his wife has been looking forward to the doll for a long time. On one night, his wife heard screaming from her neighbor

The Equalizer

Robert McCall is a retired commandos before, he works in a construction market after retirement, he meets a Russian prostitute named Teri. They usually chat,when they eat dinner at a small restaurant

The Boxtrolls

The story happened in cheese bridge, whenever people turn off the lights at night, mysterious monsters will appear, sometimes they will appear from the sewer covers, sometimes perhaps other places

Left Behind

An aircraft flew to London encountered bad weather on the way, at this time the captain named Rayford Steele found that people around him disappeared, only the clothes were left.Rayford Steele

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