The Walking Dead Season 5

The Walking Dead Season 5

Movie: The Walking Dead Season 5

Released: October 12, 2014
Director: Ernest R.Dickerson
Language: English
Starring: Rick Grimes, Maggie Greene, Michonne ……

Movie Synopsis: At the end of The Walking Dead Season 4,Rick ,his son and the other 2 companions find a signpost, it is pointing to Rescue Station , they follow the sign and come to the Rescue Station. When they come to Rescue Station, they are hospitably entertained, but Rick feels very strange,and he finally find that they are a group of butchers who are mutilation of people. The two sides exchange fire, Rick and his companions are eventually caught alive.

In the Season 5, Rick and his companions are about to be killed, at this critical moment, Carol shot to break the big drum to create confusion, Rick and his companions escape, and rescue the other kept in the container, they together escape the Rescue Station, and then join Carol ……

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