Reign Season 2

Reign Season 2

Movie: Reign Season 2

Released: October 2, 2014
Director: Brad Silberling
Language: English
Starring: Adelaide Kane, Toby Regbo ……

Movie Synopsis: French has received the report, plague breaks out again, it has spread to their country. Mary has ordered to protect the palace, but it’s not what they imagine, a lot of people ouside palace have dead because of plague, people who are suspected of being infected will be isolated, or seal the door, fire the houses of infected people. Although the palace has taken preventive measures, there are still many people infected.

As plague breaks out, Eduard wants to use food to threaten Mary, he wants to get rid of his enemy Voland now, but he is rejected by Mary. Eduard secretly poisons the water, it not only killed Voland, but also his family, finally Mary arraigns him on a charge of murder and he is locked with people who are infected with plague……

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