The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (2010)

The movie tells that Salander is planning to her revenge, according to an attempt to kill her man, and almost destroyed her against the life of the people. But it is not an easy thing. In a gun to


The movie tells that Saint is Paul wimbledon and the director Scott Charles Stewart following the Christ coming again.After the film , according to the south of the original comic adaptation. In the film

The Nutcracker in 3D

The movie tells that on the Christmas day, nine years old girl Mary gets a nutcracker. At night, she dreamed that the nutcracker became a prince, she was very surprised, and took her into a world of

Wild Target

The movie tells that Victor Maynard is experiencing a mid-life crisis of retiring top professional killer. Others have has been left alone, a dull life, never tasted the taste of love. And he has the high

Nice Guy Johnny

The movie is drama.We will see,it is a typical New York story. Johnny is representative of the carrizo is a new era of good man, though just 25 years old, but has begun to face adults need to carry the


The movie is adventure, comedy and drama .The movie tells that a debt, and local crime leader Eddie Sullivan created a get-rich-quick scheme. Walter, became a unwitting accomplice. The orphanage

Vice 2015

The film tells the story that in the future Willis engages in entertainment business, and has a group of robots that they have human body ,but they are actually a group of robots

Taken 3

In the first episode of Tak3n tells the story of a retired agent Bryan, when he retired back home ,he felt that he and his wife and daughters grew apart, he felt that all this may be caused by his former

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