Movie: Godzilla

Released: May 16, 2014
Director: Gareth Edwards
Language: English
Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen

Movie Synopsis: Engineer Joe and his colleagues find an unknown seismic wave, his wife (Sandra) has entered the Gai reactor, then the nuclear leakage occurred, in order to prevent further leakage, Joe himself closes the door, Joe watches his wife is about to die, but incapable of action. Fifteen years later ,in order to investigate the accident, Joe comes back to the isolation zone, unfortunately he was arrested by Tokyo police. Joe’s son Ford came to Tokyo to bail Joe out, and advised Joe to leave here, but Joe didn’t want to let his wife die not clear, he sticks to his guns ,continues to investigate the cause of the accident. Joe and Ford go back to the home in isolation area, retrieves the disk data of 15 years ago, they find that the original isolation region have not been polluted by accident, Joe begins to suspect that something is buried, after Godzilla appears……

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