Four Lions (2010)

Four Lions

Movie: Four Lions (2010)

Directed by:Christopher Morris
Starring: Kevin Eldon, Benedict Cumberbatch, Julia Davis
Language: English
Release Date: November 5th, 2010

Movie Synopsis: The movie is action and adventure .The movie tells The city in the north of England, four men are making a secret plan. Omar has to muslims in this world recognize and treat not illusions, and determined to become a warrior jihad. This in his friends the wye opinion, this is the most exciting ideas, so, they came to terrorist training camps in Pakistan. At the same time, the islamic white Barry, with his companions FeiSaEr, try training crow bomber.

In order to enrich team, Barry and recruited fifth hassan terrorists. One day, the accident happened in a training, Derek fisher, killing himself and the rest of the four men continued their hearts, will cause the glory of targeted will begin the London marathon…

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