Constantine Season 1

Constantine Season 1

Movie: Constantine Season 1

Released: October 24, 2014
Director: Neil Marshall
Language: English
Starring: Matt Ryan, Angelica Celaya ……

Movie Synopsis: Liv’s father gave her a pendant, she inherited his father’s talent, when she touches the pendant, her talent is open, she can see the soul from another world.

John Constantine is an exorcist, because of dystocia his mother gave birth to him and died, he was eager to see his mother’s soul, so when he was 10 years old, he began to learn these mysterious books, such as self-study spells, ceremony and curse. He learned to summon all dead things, just not his mother, he thought that it was not time yet.

When Liv was hunted down and killed by the devil, John sent his friend to paint a talisman in Liv’s door, as result in the evening a friend in the next room was killed by the devil. In order to find out the devil who killed him, John came up with a risky method, the method was to use Liv as a bait, when the devil appears, John and his friends make concerted efforts to send the devil to hell.

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