Black Swan (2010)

Black Swan” is Drama and Thriller.The film tells the story of a female ballet dancer from many aspects, see, the film is an artist of self world an exploration of both contains narcissism, there is no lack of

Carancho (2011)

The movie is Thriller. I think that the movie will be exciting. Sosa is A Carancho in Buenos Aire. A Carancho is the traffic accident professional lawyer. He will faced many traffic accidents.He wants to

Paul (2011)

The movie is Comedy and Science Fiction.The movie is very interesting.I believe that the movie will make you laugh.The main actors Nick Frost and Simon Pegg cooperate together with a lot of movies

Of Gods and Men (2011)

The movie is Drama.In the 1990s,there is a monastery on the high mountains in north Africa. In the monastery, there are eight French Christian.But when foreign workers were killed by the locasl

The Chaperone (2011)

The movie is a comedy.The story happened in a few years ago, Ray Bradstone because robbery was jailed for, his family was so lost confidence to him, but he still has a daughter. His wife also because of

Little Fockers (2010)

The movie is comedy and sequel.The movie tells Years passed and Greg through obstacles, and finally leads wife pan and a pair of lovely twins success collapse father-in-law jack’s heart defenses. But in

Water for Elephants (2011)

“Water for Elephants” is Drama and Thriller.Adapted from LuEn famous novels, insect gulag story from the great depression to speak about, a truant veterinary college students (Robert Pattinson act the

Burlesque (2010)

The film is different from other movies, this is a new movie for New 2011, compared with Aspect Film, the film shows an interesting story of a film about a little girl to fulfill their dream, to Los Angeles

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