American Horror Story Season 4

American Horror Story Season 4

Movie: American Horror Story Season 4

Released: October 08, 2014
Director: Ryan Murphy
Language: English
Starring: Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters ……

Movie Synopsis: In the first section,the movie mainly tells two stories.

The first story happened in 1952, a milkman came to Mrs.Tattler’s home, saw three bottles of milk at the door, he felt very strange, it seems the milk sent these days hasn’t been drunk, he opened the door and walked in, calling Mrs.Tattler, when he walked into the restaurant, he found that Mrs.Tattler was killed, he was very scared, but still continued to walk upstairs. When he went upstairs, he opened a cupboard, he was terrified ,he saw a girl with two heads, then in the following story double-headed girl will appear.

The second story is about a couple playing outside, when the boyfriend takes something from the car, leaving the girl alone, then a clown appeared to perform in front of the girl, the girl thought that her boyfriend invited the clown. After a while her boyfriend came back, the girl realized that the clown was not invited by her boyfriend, they both felt very strange, at this moment the clown wounded them with a stick, they fainted on the ground, when the girl woke up, she found the clown brutally murdered her boyfriend, the girl was frightened and quickly escaped, but she ran a few steps and then fell…….

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